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Top 5 Areas to Live in Bhopal Madhya Pradesh

by pawan

Bhopal is of the most lovely urban areas in India spotted with lakes and open stops and plants and is viewed as probably the best city to live in India. 

Being the Capital center of Madhya Pradesh Bhopal draws in individuals from everywhere Madhya Pradesh who consider this city their home. The varied blend of individuals in Bhopal has led to a cosmopolitan culture that is lively and demographically unique. 

The lovely climate adds to the city’s fascination, and for any individual who wishes to settle here, Bhopal offers different neighborhoods that are viewed as probably the best in the city.

Here is a list of Bhopal Madhya Pradesh

1.Shamla Hills

Shamla Hills is a central hub in the city. A visit to Shamla Hills will give you a greater view of Bhopal.

2.Maharana Pratap Nagar

A visit to Maharana Pratap Nagar will give you the best insight into Bhopal. In and around Maharana Pratap Nagar who visit they can explore various other places also.

3.Hamidia Road

Hamidia Road is a very famous place in Bhopal where we can live very cheap price and affordable cost 

4.Ashok Vihar

Ashok vihar also the best place to live in Bhopal where all apartments and flats will available at affordable cost and price

5. Arera Colony 

Arera colony is the largest residential place in Bhopal which is the capital of Madhya Pradesh interspersed with plantations, trees, and garden

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